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L5178Y TK+/- clone (3.7.2C) [TK+/- (clone 3.7.2C)] cell line细胞株-BioVector NTCC Inc.

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L5178Y TK+/- clone (3.7.2C) [TK+/- (clone 3.7.2C)] Cells

Cat No.: NTCC-A9518

Product category

Animal cells


Mus musculus






3D cell culture

Growth properties



This line is a derivative of L5178Y-S



Unpacking and storage instructions

1. Check all containers for leakage or breakage.

2. Remove the frozen cells from the dry ice packaging and immediately place the cells at a temperature below -130°C, preferably in liquid nitrogen vapor, until ready for use.

Complete medium

Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium with 4 mM L-glutamine adjusted to contain 1.5 g/L sodium bicarbonate and 4.5 g/L glucose supplemented with 0.1% Pluronic, 90%; fetal bovine serum, 10%



Handling procedure

To insure the highest level of viability, thaw the vial and initiate the culture as soon as possible upon receipt. If upon arrival, continued storage of the frozen culture is necessary, it should be stored in liquid nitrogen vapor phase and not at -70°C.  Storage at -70°C will result in loss of viability.

1. Thaw the vial by gentle agitation in a 37°C water bath. To reduce the possibility of contamination, keep the O-ring and cap out of the water.  Thawing should be rapid (approximately 2 minutes).

2. Remove the vial from the water bath as soon as the contents are thawed, and decontaminate by dipping in or spraying with 70% ethanol. All of the operations from this point on should be carried out under strict aseptic conditions.

3. Transfer the vial contents to a centrifuge tube containing 9.0 ml complete culture medium and spin at approximately 125 x g for 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Resuspend the cell pellet with the recommended complete medium (see the specific batch information for the culture recommended dilution ratio) and dispense into a 25 cm2 or a 75 cm2 culture flask.  It is important to avoid excessive alkalinity of the medium during recovery of the cells.  It is suggested that, prior to the addition of the vial contents, the culture vessel containing the complete growth medium be placed into the incubator for at least 15 minutes to allow the medium to reach its normal pH (7.0 to 7.6).

5. Incubate the culture at 37°C in a suitable incubator.  A 5% CO2 in air atmosphere is recommended if using the medium described on this product sheet.

Subculturing procedure

Cultures can be maintained by the addition of fresh medium or replacement of medium. Alternatively, cultures can be established by centrifugation with subsequent resuspension at 1 x 105 to 2 x 105 viable cells/mL.

Maintain cell density between 2 x 105 and 1 x 106 viable cells/mL.

Medium Renewal: Every 3 to 4 days

Reagents for cryopreservation

Complete growth medium supplemented with 5% (v/v) DMSO

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